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Reserve an e-bike through a bicycle shop

Do you live 15 to 20 km from your work? Do you usually take the car?  Try travelling by bicycle for a change! It is healthy, better for the environment, you save on costs, and it is good for an accessible Brainport region. Try it now for a week. Free and without obligation, through a bicycle shop in your area!

Reserve an e-bike through your employer

Do you work at an organisation who has partnered up with Brainport Bereikbaar for the e-bike tryouts? If you do, it is possible to try an e-bike through your employer and a reservation can be made for an e-bike which will be located at your workplace!

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As an employer you can request an e-bike try-out period for your employees as well. More information about the process can be found following the link below.

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A congestion free Brainport region, that is our goal. In order to reach that, we combine all kinds of smart travel choices. 

Read more about Brainport Bereikbaar.

The e-bike tryouts are made possible by Brainport Bereikbaar and our partners of Ons Brabant Fietst and De Boom en Het Meer.

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