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Try an e-bike to work for free for a week and experience the benefits yourself!

The Brainport region is busy. Traffic is getting increasingly congested, and we all must work towards a solution to unburden the road network. Brainport Bereikbaar is looking at various travel solutions to improve accessibility. And one such solution is the bike as the perfect mode of transport for people living 15 to 20 kilometres from their work.

Thanks to the e-bike trial campaign of Brainport Bereikbaar, you can see whether cycling to work is for you. Experience how fun, healthy and sustainable smarter travel can be!

So do you live about 15 to 20 km from your work? And do you usually take the car? Then sign up now and give the bike a try!

Speed through the Brainport Region,
They preceded you!


‘’Cycling to work three times a week saves time!''

'’I work four days a week and have more than enough to do yet at home. There is very little time for a workout. And that’s too bad because that gives me energy. A colleague recommended cycling to work, so I tried it. Wonderful! I invested in an e-bike and now combine a workout and work on two days of the week!”


“Getting past the A2 much quicker”

“In the summer, the A2 was closed off for a while. Because the traffic jams were a right nuisance, I went to work on my bicycle. I discovered right away that it is much faster than with the car. I will continue to cycle to work.” 


“You can save a lot of money”

Thijs: ‘’Since everything is getting more expensive, you are sometimes shocked when you add up your petrol costs. I will tell anyone with a bicycle: you can save a lot of money by taking your bicycle out of the shed more often and using it to go where you need. There are plenty of tools that will help you figure out how much you will save, and that is really appealing!''

Enjoy cycling!

A congestion free Brainport region, that is our goal. In order to reach that, we combine all kinds of smart travel choices. 

Read more about Brainport Bereikbaar.

The e-bike tryouts are made possible by Brainport Bereikbaar and our partners of Ons Brabant Fietst and De Boom en Het Meer.

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