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Wij geven gas met nieuwe mobiliteit. De eerste oplossingen om slimmer op weg te gaan in de Brainport zijn al beschikbaar. En dat worden er steeds meer. Meld je aan voor de update. Dan ben je er als eerste bij.

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“'We want to make employees aware!”

"We have made health and exercise a priority. We feel it important as an employer to make our employees conscious of and inspire them in the area of a healthy lifestyle. We are also contributing to the environment. We stimulate our employees in various ways to take the bicycle more often and to leave the car at home. Our ultimate goal is for this consciousness to stimulate our employees to take their bicycle to work more often, but also to use their bicycle more often at home."

Province of North Brabant

“45% of our employees live within a radius of 15 kilometres from their work”

"It fits with the substantive ambition that we as a region have to contribute to proper accessibility and more sustainable travel. In the North Brabant region, approx. 45% of the employees lives withing a radius of 15 kilometres from the provincial government building. These are the colleagues that we want to entice to take their bicycle to work more often. This is why we began an e-bike trial pool in May in which employees can try out an electric bicycle for the period of a week. Employees are very enthusiastic about it!” 


“Employees who take the car are often stuck in traffic for several minutes”

“We decided to play an active role in stimulating cycling among our employees for various reasons. One of those reasons is taking responsibility as an employer in limiting traffic levels in the Kempen. Employees who come by car all get stuck on the N284. This has to change. We are actively stimulating the ‘new mobility’ among our employees. There are various ways to do this, and we have begun with solutions that fit in with our business management, starting with stimulating the bicycle. Later, we want to launch other initiatives as well.”

Are you an employer participating in the e-bike trial campaign? Then download this toolkit. Here you will find all kinds of communication to inform and activate your employees before and during the e-bike trial.

A congestion free Brainport region, that is our goal. In order to reach that, we combine all kinds of smart travel choices. 

Read more about Brainport Bereikbaar.

The e-bike tryouts are made possible by Brainport Bereikbaar and our partners of Ons Brabant Fietst and De Boom en Het Meer.

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